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We want our customers to be satisfied, so we do our best.

In order to always provide fresh and beautiful flowers, we place great emphasis on the purchase, processing and sale of goods.

Our flower shop is ideal not only for all genders in all ages. but our team will do everything to serve the ideal flower for everyone.

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Nolina recurvata – the origin of our name

This plant originally from Mexico is distinguished by the large swollen base that can store water for long periods. The leaves are grass-like to 2 m and 2.5 cm wide and drape down over the main stem, hence the common name. It is a popular ornamental plant because of its interesting appearance.

Particularly at the age of several, the nolina is a truly exotic phenomenon, with a thicker, elegant stem growing out of a thickened “sole”, crowned by a drooping leaf like palm. It got its name from the thickened underside.

This ornamental plant does not require any special care.

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